How I Got Started

My journey into photography began back in High School. I took a class in video production with Ed Smith, who taught me the basics in editing and filmmaking. I went to school in the creative island community of Key West. I started off with making skate videos with my friends. My Junior year I won two awards. Student Emmy, and the STN award in documentary for Southernmost Skateboarding . Winning those awards sparked my interest in video. from there I started working in the industry filming and editing weddings and doing web design. Not long after, randomly me and my friends decided to buy a full size school bus and covert it.┬áThe process started with buying and converting the school bus into a living space fit for travel. Once complete, we planned a 6 month journey on the road which had my first camping festival lined up, Bonnaroo 2010. We had a two cameras at the time, the Canon GL2 and a Nikon 3100. We managed to sneak those cameras in and film the likes of Bassnectar, Deadmau5, Jack Black and more. After Roo we headed over to All Good Music Festival and did the same thing a second time. By this point I loved festivals but I didn’t have a brand or any of my own camera gear.

In 2010 I started a music blog that has covered hundreds of festivals and concerts. Back in the day I managed to save up and buy a Canon 7D DSLR, and an 18-200mm lens. I bought tickets to Ultra Music Festival 2011. Snuck my camera in, and made these two videos, aSkrillex & Deadmau5 video. Which both ended up getting 100,000 views, which again sparked my interest in video.

In 2012 I planned a trip to EDC Las Vegas. The event hosts upwards to 300,000 people. Security is no joke, so sneaking my camera gear in wasn’t going to be easy. Actually it didn’t even work. In the line with my bag full of camera gear, security searched me, and rejected me. I felt my dreams get crushed… I felt like I just wasted a ton of money. I had flown from Florida to Vegas to film, and that wasn’t happening. I decided to argue my way past security, telling them I needed to speak with the police, the police where inside the event so it took some persuading. By the time I got close enough to speak with them… I ended up just sprinting full speed past everyone. No ticket was ever scanned that day. The next two days, I crouched my camera which made getting my gear inside way easier. Obviously this isn’t the most professional way to go things, but this is about how I got started. I made this video of my experience, and I’m proud of it.

From there I started get my first ever press passes which where from Future Sound of Breaks and Electric Forest. Both huge opportunities that lead me in the right direction. 2013 was a another fun year and I ended up doing Wakarusa & Bonnaroo before flying out to England for six months and shooting Global Gathering and Bestival. This continued and for the next couple years I was traveling and shooting as many music festivals as I possibly could. 2014 I broke way into Suwannee Music Park which is one of my favorite music venues to date. I’ve shot 8 different festivals there including Aura, Purple Hatters, Blackwater, and Hulaween. In 2015 I filmed a time-lapse video of ultra music festival with a close friend Maxx who was working for the company.

Once Miami In Motion came out, I was hired by Ultra Music Festival. All In all, it took a very long time of trail and error, I’m glad I stuck with it and now I’m able to work on a website like this and share my experience.

More to added to this post soon.